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Game of Thrones and its not-so-worderful world

I have started this blog with a topic about Game of Thrones because everyone knows it or at least have heard of it. Of course there’s the series adapted from George R. R. Martin’s books and it -the series- gives an access to this world and I think both forms are captivating.

Books vs.  Series

Quite frankly I think that both are great because the books have created something unique, a complex story based on events of British History and the series has created a new atmosphere. It’s a new atmosphere but it’s faithful to the books and I think that’s one of the main reasons why the show is working so well on TV.

As you may know if you’re watching the show, producers have said that it will end with Season 8 (which can be a source of dispair for some of us). If we analyze it closely, it might be a good thing: we are sure to know the end of the series even though the author hasn’t been able to finish his books. Martin started to write his books in 1994 and is known to write slowly and to me, it’s not a bad thing.

Is Martin the new Tolkien?

I could not speak of George R. R. Martin’s literary works without speaking of Tolkien’s. For some obvious reasons, Martin is considered to be the « new » Tolkien, he has been called the American Tolkien which I think is wrong because we can’t compare the two. Okay, the two have created complex universes but these universes are not the same (hopefully).

To me, Tolkien has created the deepest one because he created languages with their own linguistic systems, he invented an History which I had found difficult to understand at first with its mythology and characters. Plus, deaths in Tolkien’s world are never meaningless whereas they might be in Martin’s.



If you love this type of universe, I can only advice you to read the books. Personally, I prefer Tolkien’s world because I find it richer and deeper. Maybe it’s also the case because I read Lord of the Ring when I was younger… Anyway, in both cases, we travel a lot and it remains a beautiful journey.

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